Thomas George Griggs

Thomas George Griggs
b: 19 Dec 1872
d: 31 Mar 1942
Family records are supplemented by information from "A History of HenryCounty" by Judith Parks America Hill. She gives Michael Griggs as thefather of Jeremiah Michael Griggs. It could be that his name was JohnMichael (2nd great grandfather of Thomas George and William JerryGriggs). According to her book, Michael Griggs (or John Michael) wasthe ancestor of all the Griggs in Henry County. The Griggs servednotably in the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. One descendantserved in the state legislature (Samuel J. Griggs, son of FranklinGriggs), another was a driving force in the establishment of theDanville and Western Railroad (Col. George King Griggs), and anotherdedicated himself to education (Greenbury Thornton Griggs), becoming thefirst school superintendent of Henry County.

Tom and other members of his family were loggers, cutting and sawinglumber for sale. He and brother, Will, moved to Chesterfield County,South Carolina to work the timber there in about 1907 (Georgia Maye wastheir first child born in SC in 1907). They lived there for theremainder of their lives.
  • 19 Dec 1872 - Birth - ; Leatherwood, Va
  • 31 Mar 1942 - Death - ; Ruby, Sc
George E. Griggs
9 Oct 1816 - 23 Dec 1882
William James Griggs
2 Feb 1842 - 22 Jul 1906
Frances W. Wills
7 Sep 1817 - 30 Aug 1854
Thomas George Griggs
19 Dec 1872 - 31 Mar 1942
Mary "Mollie" Chaworth Millner
25 Aug 1849 - 22 Jan 1924
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) William James Griggs
Birth2 Feb 1842Henry County, Va
Death22 Jul 1906Patrick County, Va-
Marriageto Mary "Mollie" Chaworth Millner
FatherGeorge E. Griggs
MotherFrances W. Wills
PARENT (F) Mary "Mollie" Chaworth Millner
Birth25 Aug 1849Cascade, Va
Death22 Jan 1924Patrick County, Va-
Marriageto William James Griggs
FatherThomas Millner II II
MotherMary Ann Tinsley
MWilliam Jerry Griggs
Birth1 Oct 1884
Death16 Oct 1971
Marriage22 Jun 1902to Lillie Emma Frye at Stokes County, Nc
MThomas George Griggs
Birth19 Dec 1872Leatherwood, Va
Death31 Mar 1942Ruby, Sc
Marriage29 Nov 1899to Annie Maye Frye at Danbury, Nc
FRuth Garnett Griggs
FKatherine Semple Griggs
Birth3 Dec 1875
Death14 Nov 1951
Marriageto Edmond Fulcher
FIda Hope Griggs
Birth25 Dec 1879
Death15 Mar 1956
Marriageto Doggie Gilley
FElla Frances Griggs
Birth6 May 1882
Death10 Sep 1942
Marriageto Gordon Trent
FMary Susan Griggs
Birth30 Jan 1885
Marriageto Walter Simmons
MJames F. Griggs
Birth31 Dec 1889
Marriageto Jamie Perkins
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Thomas George Griggs
Birth19 Dec 1872Leatherwood, Va
Death31 Mar 1942Ruby, Sc
Marriage29 Nov 1899to Annie Maye Frye at Danbury, Nc
FatherWilliam James Griggs
MotherMary "Mollie" Chaworth Millner
PARENT (F) Annie Maye Frye
Birth24 Dec 1880Henry County, Va
Death14 Dec 1963Monroe, Nc
Marriage29 Nov 1899to Thomas George Griggs at Danbury, Nc
FatherJohn Clay Frye
MotherSusie Ellen Wells
FEthel Hope Griggs
Birth6 Jan 1901Spencer, Patrick County, Va
Death17 Aug 1996
Marriage28 May 1924to William Lawrence Hayes at Ruby, Sc
MDonaphan Carson Griggs
Birth6 Dec 1902Dobyns, Patrick County, Va
Death29 Jun 1971Charlotte, Nc
Marriageto Gladys West
FSusan Chaworth Griggs
Birth14 Jul 1904Moore Mill, Henry County, Va
Death26 Jan 1986Belton, Sc
Marriage16 Jan 1932to William Lewis McIlwain , Md , Md at Charleston, Sc
FKola Virginia Griggs
Birth1 May 1906Penn's Store, Patrick County, Va
Death26 Sep 1994Virginia Beach, Va
Marriage3 Jul 1934to James Robert Reid , Jr., Md , Jr., Md at Ruby, Sc
FGeorgia Maye Griggs
Birth11 Nov 1907Chesterfield, Sc
Death19 Nov 1990Savannah, Sc
Marriageto Ralph V. Baldwin at Ruby, Sc
FKatie Lee Griggs
Birth13 Aug 1911Chesterfield County,Sc
Death2 Jan 1997Cheraw, Sc
Marriage14 Jan 1936to Delesline W. McCreight at Pageland, Sc
MThomas George Griggs , Jr. , Jr.
Birth2 Mar 1915Chesterfield County,Sc
Death15 Aug 1978Salisbury, Nc
Marriage9 Jan 1943to Frances Miller at Winnsboro, Sc
Marriageto Private at Belton, Sc
Marriage25 Feb 1945to James Earl Reagan , Sr. , Sr. at Ruby, Sc
Marriageto Private
Descendancy Chart
Thomas George Griggs b: 19 Dec 1872 d: 31 Mar 1942
Annie Maye Frye b: 24 Dec 1880 d: 14 Dec 1963
Ethel Hope Griggs b: 6 Jan 1901 d: 17 Aug 1996
William Lawrence Hayes b: 8 Apr 1893 d: 19 Jan 1967
Donaphan Carson Griggs b: 6 Dec 1902 d: 29 Jun 1971
Susan Chaworth Griggs b: 14 Jul 1904 d: 26 Jan 1986
William Lewis McIlwain , Md , Md b: 23 Sep 1903 d: 20 Apr 1973
Rosalyn Louise McIlwain b: 19 Apr 1935 d: 12 Dec 1990
James Lewis Ward b: 3 Jun 1961 d: 7 Jul 1961
Kola Virginia Griggs b: 1 May 1906 d: 26 Sep 1994
James Robert Reid , Jr., Md , Jr., Md b: 11 Sep 1904 d: 26 Aug 1994
Georgia Maye Griggs b: 11 Nov 1907 d: 19 Nov 1990
Ralph V. Baldwin b: 7 Apr 1903 d: 17 Apr 1986
Robert Baldwin b: 7 May 1946 d: 7 May 1946
Katie Lee Griggs b: 13 Aug 1911 d: 2 Jan 1997
Delesline W. McCreight b: 28 Dec 1908 d: 7 Feb 1993
David Wilson McCreight b: 10 Nov 1937 d: 23 Apr 1995
Thomas George Griggs , Jr. , Jr. b: 2 Mar 1915 d: 15 Aug 1978
Frances Miller b: 21 May 1919 d: 23 Jan 1983