Sol Franklin

Sol Franklin
b: 12 Apr 1839
d: 8 Nov 1889
Life and Times of Sol Franklin
At the age of 23, sometime after his immigration from Prussia, Sol Franklin volunteered to serve in the Confederate Army. His unit, Company D - Hamer's Rifles of the 18th Regiment, was raised on April 19, 1861, in Yazoo City, Mississippi. Almost every battle fought by the regiment was in Virginia where in 1868, after the Civil war, he married Susan Jane Griggs in Danville. Together they raised nine children. Until his death in 1889, he owned and operated a general store and served as Deputy Postmaster.
During his four years in the army he was shot and wounded four times. After the battle of Fredericksburg, December 11, 1862, the Eighteenth regiment, with the Seventeenth, were mentioned in the official report of General Lee for gallant conduct. Sol Franklin was shot and wounded in this battle.
For treatment of his wounds, he was sent to the Confederate General Hospital No. 2 in Danville, Virginia. He was detailed by General Lee to work and recuperate, spending the majority of 1863 as a Ward Master in this hospital in Danville.
  • 12 Apr 1839 - Birth - ; Posen, Prussia
  • 8 Nov 1889 - Death - ; Irisburg, Henry Co., Virginia
Sol Franklin
12 Apr 1839 - 8 Nov 1889
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Jno. J. Franklin
Marriageto Rebecca Franklin
PARENT (F) Rebecca Franklin
Marriageto Jno. J. Franklin
MSol Franklin
Birth12 Apr 1839Posen, Prussia
Death8 Nov 1889Irisburg, Henry Co., Virginia
Marriage21 Apr 1868to Susan Jane Griggs at Henry County, Virginia
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Sol Franklin
Birth12 Apr 1839Posen, Prussia
Death8 Nov 1889Irisburg, Henry Co., Virginia
Marriage21 Apr 1868to Susan Jane Griggs at Henry County, Virginia
FatherJno. J. Franklin
MotherRebecca Franklin
PARENT (F) Susan Jane Griggs
Birth20 Feb 1851Henry County, Virginia
Death1932El Paso, Texas
Marriage21 Apr 1868to Sol Franklin at Henry County, Virginia
FatherGeorge E. Griggs
MotherFrances W. Wills
MHenry Clay Franklin
Birth16 Nov 1879
Death22 Jun 1902
MJoseph Griggs Franklin
Birth15 Apr 1874Irisburg, Henry County, Virginia
Death1938El Paso, Texas, USA
MGeorge Griggs Franklin
Birth1884Irisburg Virginia
Death9 Sep 1966Tacoma Washington
Marriage1907to Alice Sorenson at El Paso Texas
MBenjamin John Franklin
Birth19 Oct 1888Irisburg, Henry County, Virginia
DeathApr 1921El Paso, Texas, USA
Marriageto Annie Ilfrey
MJohn Phillip Franklin
Birth25 Nov 1872Irisburg, Henry County, Virginia
Death15 Jan 1963Riverside, California
Marriage1898to Annie Pugsley
Marriageto Vada Jackson
FRosa Jane Franklin
Birth13 Jan 1869Virginia
Death12 Sep 1898Irisburg, Va
Marriage25 Dec 1889to William Manley Darlington
FFrances Kate Franklin
BirthFeb 1870Virginia
Death27 Jun 1901
Marriage1892to Warren Norman
FAnna Wills Franklin
DeathMay 1953
MSol Franklin
Birth23 Jun 1877Irisburg, Henry Co., Virginia
Death15 Jan 1961El Paso, Texas
Marriage11 Apr 1916to Lenora Bull at Mansfield, Arkansas
UInfant Franklin
Birth1871Irisburg Virginia
Death1871Irisburg Virginia
Descendancy Chart
Sol Franklin b: 12 Apr 1839 d: 8 Nov 1889
Susan Jane Griggs b: 20 Feb 1851 d: 1932
Henry Clay Franklin b: 16 Nov 1879 d: 22 Jun 1902
Joseph Griggs Franklin b: 15 Apr 1874 d: 1938
George Griggs Franklin b: 1884 d: 9 Sep 1966
Alice Sorenson b: 7 Jun 1889 d: Feb 1973
John Sorenson Franklin b: 29 May 1930 d: 26 Aug 1992
Benjamin John Franklin b: 19 Oct 1888 d: Apr 1921
Annie Ilfrey b: 1882 d: 22 Jan 1926
John Phillip Franklin b: 25 Nov 1872 d: 15 Jan 1963
Annie Pugsley b: 14 Apr 1880 d: ABT 1900
John Benjamin Franklin b: 27 Jan 1899 d: 10 Jan 1924
Archie Sol Franklin b: 2 Feb 1904 d: 1925
Mary Ann Franklin b: 14 Feb 1901
Vada Jackson b: 20 Jun 1895
Rosa Jane Franklin b: 13 Jan 1869 d: 12 Sep 1898
William Manley Darlington b: 19 Apr 1869 d: 19 Feb 1911
John Willie Darlington b: 1899 d: 1891
Fanny Darlington b: 6 Nov 1891 d: 1 Nov 1984
Kenneth Todd b: 30 Jun 1892 d: 25 Nov 1949
William Darlington Todd b: 1918 d: 28 Jul 2000
Nancy Liles Todd d: 4 Mar 2003
Annie May Ross b: 1924 d: 1936
Rose Darlington Ross b: 1917 d: 12 Aug 2002
Betty Jean Ross b: 1929 d: 1936
Thomas Manley Darlington b: 15 Mar 1893 d: 13 Oct 1935
William Darlington b: 1931 d: 2004
Norma Johnson d: 25 Jul 1926
Delores Darlington b: 3 Dec 1915 d: 8 Jun 2001
Frances Kate Franklin b: Feb 1870 d: 27 Jun 1901
Warren Norman b: 25 May 1869 d: 30 Oct 1912
Susie Griggs Norman b: 20 Oct 1894 d: 18 Oct 1910
Norman Norman b: 1895 d: 1910
Robert Norman b: 1900 d: 1910
Anna Wills Franklin b: 1882 d: May 1953
Sol Franklin b: 23 Jun 1877 d: 15 Jan 1961
Lenora Bull b: 22 Oct 1891 d: 12 Feb 1989
Sol Franklin Jr Jr b: 8 Feb 1922 d: 13 Dec 2008
William Neal Franklin b: 2 Apr 1928 d: 29 Dec 1999
Susan Elizabeth Franklin b: 12 Jun 1918 d: 5 Oct 1943
Infant Franklin b: 1871 d: 1871