George Griggs Franklin

George Griggs Franklin
b: 1884
d: 9 Sep 1966
Moved to Tacoma, Washington and Started the Franklin Food Stores grocery chain. He owned and lived in the Weyerhouser Estate. Which is now a museum called Haddaway Hall.

An interesting event occurred at the Franklin home in Tacoma on Christmas Eve, 1935 during the lindberg kidnapping era. During the evening, a man tried to enter the home presumably to kidnap George's 5 year old son John and was scared away by a security patrol. He was trying to climb a ladder to get to the second floor bedroom of the child. The man then forced his way into a home nearby and kidnapped Dr. Mattson's son Charles, and left a ransom note asking for $28,000. The family desperately tried to contact the kidnapper to no avail. Son Charles was found dead a couple weeks later and the kidnapper was never identified. I have read that this case is the FBI's oldest unsolved kidnapping case in the State of Washington. After the attempted kidnapping, the Franklin's fled from their home out of fear and did not return for many months afterward.
  • 1884 - Birth - ; Irisburg Virginia
  • 9 Sep 1966 - Death - ; Tacoma Washington
Sol Franklin
12 Apr 1839 - 8 Nov 1889
George Griggs Franklin
1884 - 9 Sep 1966
George E. Griggs
9 Oct 1816 - 23 Dec 1882
Susan Jane Griggs
20 Feb 1851 - 1932
Frances W. Wills
7 Sep 1817 - 30 Aug 1854
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Sol Franklin
Birth12 Apr 1839Posen, Prussia
Death8 Nov 1889Irisburg, Henry Co., Virginia
Marriage21 Apr 1868to Susan Jane Griggs at Henry County, Virginia
FatherJno. J. Franklin
MotherRebecca Franklin
PARENT (F) Susan Jane Griggs
Birth20 Feb 1851Henry County, Virginia
Death1932El Paso, Texas
Marriage21 Apr 1868to Sol Franklin at Henry County, Virginia
FatherGeorge E. Griggs
MotherFrances W. Wills
MHenry Clay Franklin
Birth16 Nov 1879
Death22 Jun 1902
MJoseph Griggs Franklin
Birth15 Apr 1874Irisburg, Henry County, Virginia
Death1938El Paso, Texas, USA
MGeorge Griggs Franklin
Birth1884Irisburg Virginia
Death9 Sep 1966Tacoma Washington
Marriage1907to Alice Sorenson at El Paso Texas
MBenjamin John Franklin
Birth19 Oct 1888Irisburg, Henry County, Virginia
DeathApr 1921El Paso, Texas, USA
Marriageto Annie Ilfrey
MJohn Phillip Franklin
Birth25 Nov 1872Irisburg, Henry County, Virginia
Death15 Jan 1963Riverside, California
Marriage1898to Annie Pugsley
Marriageto Vada Jackson
FRosa Jane Franklin
Birth13 Jan 1869Virginia
Death12 Sep 1898Irisburg, Va
Marriage25 Dec 1889to William Manley Darlington
FFrances Kate Franklin
BirthFeb 1870Virginia
Death27 Jun 1901
Marriage1892to Warren Norman
FAnna Wills Franklin
DeathMay 1953
MSol Franklin
Birth23 Jun 1877Irisburg, Henry Co., Virginia
Death15 Jan 1961El Paso, Texas
Marriage11 Apr 1916to Lenora Bull at Mansfield, Arkansas
UInfant Franklin
Birth1871Irisburg Virginia
Death1871Irisburg Virginia
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) George Griggs Franklin
Birth1884Irisburg Virginia
Death9 Sep 1966Tacoma Washington
Marriage1907to Alice Sorenson at El Paso Texas
FatherSol Franklin
MotherSusan Jane Griggs
PARENT (F) Alice Sorenson
Birth7 Jun 1889El Paso Texas
DeathFeb 1973Tacoma Washington
Marriage1907to George Griggs Franklin at El Paso Texas
FatherJohn Sorenson
Marriageto Lois Clarke Wright
MJohn Sorenson Franklin
Birth29 May 1930Washington
Death26 Aug 1992Seattle, King, Washington
Descendancy Chart
George Griggs Franklin b: 1884 d: 9 Sep 1966
Alice Sorenson b: 7 Jun 1889 d: Feb 1973
John Sorenson Franklin b: 29 May 1930 d: 26 Aug 1992