Claude Swanson Frye

Claude Swanson Frye
b: 26 Feb 1894
d: 17 Jul 1913
Claude drowned near Fieldale, VA (news clipping and picture in familyfile). He had been learning telegraphy at the Kohler train station andacting as assistant station manager. He and another boy went swimming inSmith River. Dr. Shackelford was called out from Martinsville but wastoo late to save Claude.

Claude Swanson Frye was probably named after Claude A. Swanson, a popularpolitician from Virginia. He began his public service about 1893 andserved in the US House of Representatives, the US Senate, and also asgovernor of Virginia for one term. Claude A. Swanson was serving asSecretary of the Navy under FDR when he died in 1939. The "Claude" and"Swanson" names appear in other branches of the family where they areprobably in honor of Claude Swanson Frye.
  • 26 Feb 1894 - Birth - ; Henry County, Va
  • 17 Jul 1913 - Death - ; Henry County, Va
Isham Washington Fry
ABT. 1812 - 12 May 1900
David Mays Frye
12 Mar 1850 - 18 Feb 1934
Mary Elizabeth Patterson
15 Oct 1826 - Jun 1915
Claude Swanson Frye
26 Feb 1894 - 17 Jul 1913
Ruth Dillard Spencer
11 Sep 1853 - 30 Mar 1939
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) David Mays Frye
Birth12 Mar 1850Henry County, Va
Death18 Feb 1934Henry County, Va
Marriage7 Mar 1877to Ruth Dillard Spencer at Henry County, Va
FatherIsham Washington Fry
MotherMary Elizabeth Patterson
PARENT (F) Ruth Dillard Spencer
Birth11 Sep 1853Henry County, Va
Death30 Mar 1939Henry County, Va
Marriage7 Mar 1877to David Mays Frye at Henry County, Va
FatherPinkney Spencer
MotherMary Jane Hagood
MWilliam Pinkney Frye
BirthJan 1878Henry County, Va
Death19 Nov 1901Henry County, Va
FHattie Elizabeth Frye
Birth2 Jul 1879Henry County, Va
Death11 Feb 1956Charlotte, Nc
Marriage4 Nov 1909to Jacob Leo Ferreira at Charlotte, Nc
FCarrie Dillard Frye
Birth5 May 1881Henry County, Va
Death13 Oct 1963Stuart, Patrick County,Va
Marriage18 Feb 1902to John William Bouldin
FMary Brooksie Frye
Birth9 Dec 1883Henry County, Va
Death19 Feb 1967Henry County, Va
Marriageto James Reid Mitchell
MJohn Harrison Frye
Birth24 Apr 1886Henry County, Va
Death28 Jun 1971Martinsville, Henry County,Va
Marriage7 Jun 1908to Emma Hairston Morris at Henry County, Va
MNoble Frye
Birth29 Mar 1892Henry County, Va
DeathDec 1971Crumpler, Wv
Marriageto Sadie Young
FAlice Spencer Frye
Birth18 Apr 1889Henry County, Va
Death2 Nov 1942Henry County, Va
Marriage25 Oct 1905to John William Morris at Sanville, Va
MClaude Swanson Frye
Birth26 Feb 1894Henry County, Va
Death17 Jul 1913Henry County, Va
FVirgie Ruth Frye
Birth9 Mar 1890Henry County, Va
Death24 Jun 1982Roanoke, Va
Marriage1908to Homer Henry Mitchell at Bassett, Va
MRobert Herndon Frye
Birth13 Sep 1896Henry County, Va
Death1 Dec 1952Henry County, Va
Marriage16 Jan 1925to Private at Henry County, Va